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Artist First Radio Network – Interview with Georgia Author, Katie Hart Smith

Doug Dahlgren Show

Listen to Artist First Radio Host, Doug Dahlgren’s exclusive hour-long interview with Georgia author, Katie Hart Smith on 8/4/14. Learn about what inspired her to write Couch Time with Carolyn, who are the Dunwoody Girls and Carolyn, how she got her start as a professional writer, tips for new writers and more…

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Couch Time with Carolyn Exclusive – Chapter 1

The Dunwoody Girls Dorothy, Carole, Katie & Susie (L to R)

The Dunwoody Girls
Dorothy, Carole, Katie & Susie (L to R)

Couch Time with Carolyn Exclusive – Chapter 1

Listen to author, Katie Hart Smith and Carolyn’s daughter and Dunwoody Girl, Dorothy Sewell Kopp read Couch Time with Carolyn, Chapter 1.
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Dunwoody Girl, "Baynham" listens to Chapter 1 - Couch Time with Carolyn

Dunwoody Girl, “Baynham” listens to Chapter 1 – Couch Time with Carolyn

Dunwoody Girl, Susie recording her voice work for Couch Time with Carolyn

Dunwoody Girl, Susie recording her voice work for Couch Time with Carolyn

Couch Time with Carolyn – Book Club Discussion Questions

Couch Time with Carolyn
Book Club Discussion Questions

> What is the overarching theme of Couch Time with Carolyn?

> Which chapters were your favorite? Why?

> What are the problems Katie is trying to solve and the issues she is attempting to overcome?

> What is Katie afraid of if her goals aren’t realized? What are the potential consequences she is facing?

> What red flags were there in Katie’s first marriage?

> After Katie’s divorce, what did she do to secure herself financially? Professionally? Socially?

> What were the hurdles Katie had to overcome and the sacrifices she made in her quest to find true love?

> Which quote(s) resonate with you the most in Couch Time with Carolyn?

> Describe the symbolism used in Couch Time with Carolyn.

> What colors are integral in Couch Time with Carolyn?

> What were the Couch Time with Carolyn lessons that Carolyn taught Katie about love and life?

> Which Bible verse did Katie recall with Carolyn’s last lesson?

> How did the Couch Time with Carolyn lessons prepare Katie for life?

> How did Katie change based on her relationship with Carolyn?

> How did Carolyn influence The Dunwoody Girls?

> Identify the stages of grief. How does Katie demonstrate going through the grief process in Couch Time with Carolyn?

> What promise did Carolyn ask Katie to keep?

> What were the characteristics on Katie’s non-negotiable list when looking for Mr. Right?

> Did Katie’s have physical descriptors on her non-negotiable list?

> What was Katie’s “ah-ha” moment?

> Which Dunwoody Girl (DG) do you most identify with? Why?

> How did the DGs parents influence their respective daughters?

> How are the DGs alike? How are they dissimilar?

> How did the DGs pay homage to Carolyn at the funeral?

> Did Katie eventually find what she was looking for in life? Love?


Personal Reflection

> How does your life mirror each of the Couch Time with Carolyn lessons?

> In your search for true love, did you identify the qualities and characteristics you are looking for in someone? If so, what are/were they?

> If you are a parent, how are you preparing and guiding your children to finding their true love? Career passion? Making the best life decisions?

> How did you meet your true love? or How are you searching for your special someone?

> Have you performed a special act or deed to honor or commemorate a departed loved one? If so, describe.

> How important is a mentor? Why?

> Do you have a mentor? Who?

> Have you been impacted by a mentor? If so, how?

> Have you been a mentor to someone? If so, describe your experience.

> Coping with life’s challenges can be difficult. How do you handle stressful situations?

> The professional careers of the DGs are all very different. How did you choose your career path? or How are you finding your ideal job?

> How do you describe your relationship with your best friends? What makes your friendship so special? What do you do to celebrate it?

> Intergenerational relationships can be impactful. Have you been influenced by an older individual? or Have you played a positive role on a younger individual? If so, how?

> If you have lost a parent(s), how did that affect your life? Your relationships with siblings, family, friends? Were there positive and/or negative consequences?

> What is your mantra for living your life?

> What dreams would you like to fulfill?

> How have you established a personal relationship with God? How has it been strengthened? Tested?

> Is prayer important to you? If so, why?

> How do you personally set out to achieve your life’s goals? What steps do you take to help make them become a reality?

Overview of Couch Time with Carolyn

CTWC Cover V1

People have been asking me what have I been working on lately and is there anything coming out in the future?

Answer: “Yes.” In August 2012, I began writing a memoir about a life event that occurred earlier in the same year. The book was released August 1, 2014.

The title of the new book: Couch Time with Carolyn

What could a woman in her thirties, emotionally and financially vulnerable after ending her marriage, possibly gain from drinking wine, sampling chocolates, and reminiscing with the slowly dying mother of a best friend? Couch Time with Carolyn, a true story set in Georgia about strong, Southern, sassy women, is a memoir delivering a multi-layered story about the joys of life and the enduring bonds with close-knit childhood girlfriends, known as the Dunwoody Girls – more simply, the DGs. Laughing and crying through her own true stories, Katie Hart Smith reveals why “couch time” sessions with Carolyn empower her to take control of her life and more wholeheartedly cherish all that she has.

Among her life’s treasures, the DGs, who have been together since attending the same elementary school in the North Atlanta suburb of Dunwoody, Georgia. Considered an especially tight but gregarious group, Katie, Dorothy, Carole, Susie and Susan enjoy their reputation as a sweet sisterhood yet happily conjure a little harmless mischief every now and then.

Quintessential Southern gals, they also jump into action, delivering prayers, love, wine and casseroles when a fellow DG is down. Throughout, even in the darkest times, they spew hilarious one-liners, spontaneously fall over laughing and realize they can overcome anything together.

Couch Time with Carolyn delivers some great life lessons with a full dose of girlfriend time.

While the overarching theme is about love, there are so many other layers that Couch Time with Carolyn addresses, ranging from friendship, faith, intergenerational relationships, mentoring, to the circle of life.

There is such joy in life and great rewards when living it to its fullest, too. I always think the best expressed emotion is laughter though tears.

Q: What books would I compare this storyline to?
A: Steel Magnolias and Tuesdays with Morrie

Carole, Dorothy, Susie, Susan & Katie (L to R)

Carole, Dorothy, Susie, Susan & Katie (L to R)

The Dunwoody Girls have been instrumental in the support of this literary project. Dorothy’s (Carolyn’s oldest daughter) review after reading the manuscript.
“It was awesome. I bawled my eyes out at times and then I found myself busting out laughing throughout sections of the book. You wrote a beautiful tribute to my Mom and captured the essence of the Dunwoody Girls. It’s a great story about love and the strength of Southern women to be shared.”

If you love to read true stories about life in Atlanta and Southern women, then Couch Time with Carolyn is ideal for you!
~ Katie