Press Release – 7/13/16

Aspirations book cover

Deeds Publishing MEDIA RELEASE—13 July 2016

Title: Aspirations of the Heart
Author: Katie Hart Smith
ISBN 978-1-944193-33-1 | 350 pages
$17.95 print, $6.99 e-book

Addie Engel is a small-town girl who wants nothing more than to leave her family farm, venture out in the wider world of 1913 Georgia and become a successful nurse. But the times aren’t so friendly to a young woman determined to buck society’s expectations and do more than marry, have children, and keep house. If society has its way, she will never leave Hope, Georgia, nor the boy who hopes to be more than just her friend. Then, tragedy strikes, and with it comes an opportunity Addie can’t refuse. Thrust into in the rapidly-growing city of Atlanta, she’s soon immersed in a world of powerful people intent upon their own plans and schemes, including Lester Schwinn, a conniving man hell-bent on making his mysterious cure-all tonic a household name at any cost.

If you enjoy Southern history, Aspirations of the Heart will cause you to fall in love with Atlanta. You will enjoy the city through a new set of eyes as you read about the historical landmarks and see where the city was in 1913. This book weaves a tale that includes many of the issues that we all struggle with today–aspirations and dreams, race relations, hospitals and quality care, and women’s role in society.

Katie Hart Smith, a published author for over 20 years, brings a strong foundation as a subject matter expert to the world of nursing. She has been a registered nurse at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta for 30 years. She is the first recipient of the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce’s Healthcare Professional of the Year Award.

• Coming 19 July 2016

For more information, contact Jan Babcock—, 678.595.2978


About Katie Hart Smith

Katie Hart Smith's blog, "Always From the Heart," is a compilation of personal stories that inspire, entertain, and speak to one's heart and soul. Dubbed, "The Weaver", Smith's latest novel, Aspirations of the Heart, was added to the literary collection at the Governor's Mansion Library by Georgia's First Lady Mrs. Sandra Deal. With over 20 years of experience, Smith has written for a wide array of audiences. Her literary work ranges from medical and academic publications to non-fiction, memoir, and historical fiction. To learn more about this Southern author, visit If you are interested in reaching out to Katie for speaking engagements, interviews or would like to share your comments, email her at Please be sure to include your contact information.

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