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Katie Hart Smith



July 28, 2014, ATLANTA – Having written for numerous medical publications and authored multiple children’s books, Katie Hart Smith announces the release of her latest work, Couch Time with Carolyn. The book, set in Georgia, is a memoir, delivering intimate reflections about Smith through the relationships she has maintained with her uniquely close-knit group of Southern girlfriends, known as the Dunwoody Girls.

As the book’s title conveys, one of the central characters is Carolyn, a mom of one of the Dunwoody Girls and a dear friend in her own right. Although battling cancer, the older, wiser woman has plenty of fire in her to reminisce about her colorful past, delve into Smith’s life, and offer priceless advice. While sipping wine, sampling chocolates and puffing on cigarettes, they chat, laugh, cry and conclude that neither life nor love is random, and that even darkest days present valuable life lessons and moments worth cherishing.

“When I decided to write about Carolyn’s life lessons,” says Smith, “I realized I had to tell real stories, most of which involve the Dunwoody Girls (or DGs). The five of us have been dear friends since elementary school, so as one might imagine, we’ve had our share of hilarious and heartbreaking episodes. Interestingly, both male and female readers relate to the DGs’ bond, and they keep telling me that they laughed and cried throughout the book. That was my intention. After all, real friendship is all about experiencing the highs and lows in life together.”

Couch Time with Carolyn, released on August 1, and Smith’s poetry books for young children are available through her website at The paperback version of Couch Time with Carolyn sells for $15.00, and the e-book retails for $8.99. Individuals can also sample an audio reading from the first chapter at Organizations and others should contact Smith for speaking engagements, and additional information through her website.
Katie Hart Smith


About Katie Hart Smith
Born in 1964 in San Diego, California, Smith lived all over the United States as a little girl before she and her family moved to the Atlanta suburb of Dunwoody, Georgia, in 1976. Metro Atlanta has remained her home ever since. In 1987, she obtained a B.S. in Nursing from Georgia State University, and in 2002, she earned her MBA from Troy State University. Writing for the medical community throughout her professional career, Smith published her first memoir, “In the Face of Disaster: Personal Reflections,” in 1995. Recounting Smith’s engagement with the Red Cross in which she led a group of volunteers from Atlanta to assist with the Flint River Flood recovery efforts, the literary piece, appearing in the Orthopaedic Nursing Journal, was taken from the notes she created on scratch pieces of paper about her experiences while returning from the disaster on a four-hour bus ride. Smith went on to publish and illustrate her first children’s poetry book, From the Heart, in 2006. Her other children’s works and Couch Time with Carolyn are available through and other major online book retailers. Smith, a former Council Member for the City of Lawrenceville, and her husband Jeff, a Captain at the Lawrenceville Police Department, are active members in the Gwinnett community


Couch Time with Carolyn Book Launch Party - 8/1/14

Couch Time with Carolyn Book Launch Party – 8/1/14


About Katie Hart Smith

Katie Hart Smith's blog, "Always From the Heart," is a compilation of personal stories that inspire, entertain, and speak to one's heart and soul. Dubbed, "The Weaver", Smith's latest novel, Aspirations of the Heart, was added to the literary collection at the Governor's Mansion Library by Georgia's First Lady Mrs. Sandra Deal. With over 20 years of experience, Smith has written for a wide array of audiences. Her literary work ranges from medical and academic publications to non-fiction, memoir, and historical fiction. To learn more about this Southern author, visit If you are interested in reaching out to Katie for speaking engagements, interviews or would like to share your comments, email her at Please be sure to include your contact information.

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